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Today I have taken a quick browse of the internet, and I wondered what the worst bank robber outfits would be. You always see in Hollywood films the bank robbers wearing clowns masks and stealing millions of dollars. But does this happen in real life? Well yes, it does, but I had to admit the outfits don’t match the Hollywood disguises.
If your considering going as a bank robber to any of your parties, please do not attempt any of these outfits you might just get laughed out the room.

Permanent Marker

Matthew McNelly & Joey Miller were described as “weird” by police as they both decided to use textas to draw their disguises on their faces. Apparently, they were drunk, but the question has to remain how drunk do you have the belief that these disguises would work. The police soon picked them up with their disguises still on their faces.

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Darth Vadar Robs Bank

It looks like since the destruction of the death star Darth Vadar has hit hard times, but the Dark side is still strong with one. Darth Vadar Robs Long Island Bank, but instead of using his trusty Red light sabre he results to using a Gun.

“I thought it was pretty comical, but I guess this guy was pretty serious about needing some money,” Michael Aloisio, who worked at a nearby restaurant and saw the faux “Star Wars” star run by, told the New York Post.

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Mother Nature Crime Outfit

This criminal decided the best costume is none other than Mother Nature. The Criminal chose to tape pieces of tree to his body and face and attempt to Rob the Bank back in 2007. Someone amazingly recognised the robber on surveillance footage and tipped off the police, who then arrested Coldwell, according to the Daily Mail.

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Undecided Villain

This bank robber looks like he couldn’t decide what to Rob the Bank as today he appears to be a mixture of a comic book villain or someone who fell into a clothes collection bag. He decided to Rob a Bank of America in 2011. He wore a pea-coat, ski-mask, some goggles, and what looked like the inside of a helmet.

He used a gun to get some money and reportedly sped off on a Kia after the robbery.

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Robbing Banks the Smart Way

Not-so-genius Matthew Maxwell thought the laws of physics and theft didn’t apply to him when he robbed ten banks in Tampa, ending in 2015. The Einstein got ten years in prison

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Bad Santa

The real-life bad Santa This Santa Claus was on his naughty list in 2015 when he stopped passing out candy canes at a Memphis bank and handed out demands to staff. Police still haven’t tracked down the man with the snowy white beard, as the North Pole seems to be out of their jurisdiction

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The Jokes on Her

A judge didn’t think Carolyn Williams was so funny after she showed up to a bank in Pennsylvania in 2010. She claimed she had a bomb and was being forced to rob the bank. She had plenty of time to clown around in prison after being sentenced to up to 10 years. Maybe she thought she could join the Jokers crew.

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Duct Tape Bandit

The man, now known as the “Duct Tape Bandit” thought nobody would identify him if he wrapped his head up in before robbing a booze shop. His meticulous plan went a bit awry when the store manager at Shamrock Liquors in Ashland, Kentucky spotted him stealing cash and chased him off.

He was wrestled to the ground in the car park and held until the police arrived to unravel the case.

The Bandit had the real crazy name Kasey G Kazee and was charged with first-degree robbery.

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Old Lady

Care worker Linda Cramphorn dressed up as the OAP she was supposed to be helping in a cruel bid to steal her £22,000 savings. Cramphorn, 47, hobbled into a Halifax branch in Coalville, Leics, and tried to get a bankers draft, posing as 81-year old Betty Butler.

However, her bizarre disguise – a cross between Mrs Brown and Susan Boyle – alerted suspicious staff who called in police.

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Master of Disguise

Joshua K Pinney walked into a bank in Washington wearing a cheap wig, stick-on facial hair and bandages in a bid to look like the man whose stolen ID he was using. For some reason, he failed to fool bank officials when he asked for a new debit card explaining he’d just been in an accident.

The real card owner who’d had his ID nicked in Oregon in 2012 had reported the theft to thwart fraudsters. Cops asked Pinney if he was seriously trying to look like the guy in the photo. He hung his head and sighed, ‘I know’,

He was charged with identity theft…..but failed to appear in court.

So there we have it ten of the worst bank robbery outfits ever used. If your thinking of robbing a bank its not a good idea especially when dressing like these people.

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