Troll Themed Birthday Party


After months of planning and trying to work out what your child wants for a party you have decided to go with the theme of a trolls party. Trolls was a big hit in 2016 with the voices of Justin Timerblake and Anna Kendrick. Children have gone crazy for them, and it has been no different when it comes to having a Trolls Birthday Party. Below you will find some ideas, tips and tricks to make your Trolls party one of the best!


The entertainment for your trolls party can be absolutely anything you would like. Why not add a magician to your trolls party to add a sparkle of real magic. You could also look at getting a disco but make sure they have all the fantastic Trolls songs. You might also want to look at getting a Trolls mascot to come and visit during the disco or to say goodbye to everyone as they leave the party. You can always look at a face painter too who can make everyone at the party look like their favourite troll.

Venue Decoration

There are plenty of Trolls Decorations to give your party that Trolls feel! Find a few of the items listed below.

Trolls Helium Balloon
Trolls Party Banner
Trolls Party Flags
Trolls Balloons
Trolls Scene Setter
Trolls Cardboard Cutouts

Trolls Food Ideas

There are plenty of Trolls Food ideas these are great to put on your table Decor. These will take a little bit of work to make them perfect for your party. Why not have a practise and taster before your party?

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