Top 10 Wedding Cakes


The most important day of your life is meant to be when your getting married. No wedding is complete without the wedding cake. We have scoured the internet looking for the perfect cake for a wedding and have found some of the best cakes which will blow your mind! You might be able to find yourself a cake maker who can bake you the perfect cake. Remember every cake is special to you and make sure it is what you want for your special day.

World’s Most Extravagant Wedding Cake

This Wedding cake is fantastic a masterpiece some may say. With a cake this size, you would probably need almost one thousand people to eat most of it at your wedding. The cake was made by Le Novelle and have two branches in the world one in Bali and one in Jakarta. It takes around 15 people to decorate one cake and prices start at around £4,000.00. The most expensive cake they have made was £400,000.00 and included a real diamond ring in the design. The Cake also lights up with cables and batteries hidden within the design of the cake. This indeed has to be the wedding cake of all wedding cakes.

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Disney Wedding Cake

If you want to add that little bit of Disney sparkle to your wedding, maybe this is the right cake for you. Incorporating three fairytales from Disney. Including the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and finished with the Disney Castle, this is the perfect centrepiece for the die-hard Disney fans wedding.

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Split Wedding Cake

This is a usual style of cake which is getting more and more popular a wedding cake with a split down the middle but being held together at the Top by the Bride and Groom.

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The Gourmet Doughnut Wedding Cake

Something a little bit different from a traditional wedding cake. This is a mountain of doughnuts piled together to look like a wedding cake. All the doughnuts have different flavours inside and icing on top. Let’s be honest who doesn’t like a Donut. I can’t see this cake stocking around for too long!

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Secret Superhero Wedding Cake

If your looking for the traditional wedding cake but secretly want the inner child within to order a cake this is probably the cake for you. From the front, it seems like any ordinary Wedding Cake. But truth be told almost like Bruce Wayne it has a hidden secret. Four tears consist of Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman and Captain America nicely hidden out of sight until turned around to display the secret.

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Traditional Wedding Cake

Coming in at Number Six We have your tradition Wedding Cake, It’s White ideal for a White Wedding, and with fantastic piping work all around the cake, this will make for the perfect centrepiece for any Traditional Wedding.

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Naked Wedding Cake

I know what you were thinking! No! This is a wedding cake without all the icing but instead incorporating fresh fruit around the outside. Keeping the tradition of the tiered cake but with a bit of a difference.

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Comedy Wedding Cake

If your looking at adding a bit of sense of Humour to your cake, maybe this is just the right cake for you. The groom looking quite drunk having fallen off the top of the cake and took all the tiers with him. This would make from a definite talking point for years with everyone taking photos to treasure.

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The Healthy Unhealthy Wedding Cake

If your a gym bunny or a bit of a health freak this just may be the right cake for you the healthy unhealthy cake I like to call it. Layers and layers of fresh fruit which are all made of cake! I am thinking your five a day with this cake might not be the right decision to make!

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Pancake Wedding Cake

If all else fails, there is always the pancake wedding cake. Yes, piles of pancakes all piled up in different sizes to give the style of a tiered wedding cake. Nothing traditional about this but lots of yummy pancakes with different flavoured toppings. I can see this one getting messy!

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