Top 10 Mens Fancy Dress Outfits for 2017


Below you will find some of the best Men’s Fancy Dress Costumes to be released in 2017 or prior these are some of the best costumes on the market. As soon as we hear of better, we will create a new top 10 but until then check out what we have below!



Power Rangers – Red Ranger

Next up is a movie which made a come back in 2017 it’s the Power Rangers. A total rebrand on the original power rangers franchise from the 90’s. The costume has got some great reviews personally I think it looks very close to the transformers costumes. Then again what more could they have done to keep it at such an excellent price range which wouldn’t break the bank. The costume includes an all in one jumpsuit and two-piece mask. The current market value in the UK for this item is around £49.99. 

I am surprised to see the franchise has taken off so well after the last movie with a power rangers two on the cards set for release in 2019!

Sizes available are Std and XL.

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Breaking Bad

At Number 7 we are met with a TV show which took the world by storm the Breaking Bad. The costume is very basic, but there is nothing further you possibly need for this costume. The costume itself includes a bright yellow hazmat suit, Gas Mask, Gloves and Stick on Goatee. The costume itself has been manufactured by Smiffys as with most Smiffys products they are designed for wear once occasion. Reviews for this product have shown this may be the case, but some have said maybe the goatee is a little small. But as this is ever such a popular tv series, I can see this costume sticking around for a bit longer. The current market value for this costume is about £29.20. Click Here

Sizes available are Medium, Large and Xtra Large.

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The Terminator

Another movie which has been out for many years but returns again and again. Ther Terminator always has and will still be a form favourite in fancy dress parties everyone wants to be the big guy with the few annoying phrases. I’ll be back! Yes, this costume tops the 2017 charts at number 8 and at a great price too the current market value of this costume is £43.99. This won’t break the bank for what you are getting. Included with the costume is a black jacket that apparently looks leather and just like that worn by Arnie in the films and to finish off the costume a pair of sunglasses and a bullet belt. Click Here

Once again another movie will be coming out in the next couple of years so you might just get a couple of wears out of this costume.

Sizes available for this costume include Standard and XL.

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It’s been over 23 years since the release of the Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas, but this does not stop it being one of the more popular movies for adults. As this is such a favourite film, the costumes are always trendy too. 2017 saw the release of the new OOGIE BOOGIE Fancy Dress Costume; This Costume is a deluxe costume so not the cheapest in the Top 10 list. The current price on the market for this costume is approximately £100.00. However, this is not a deterrent for the people who either want to go that little bit further to impress their friends or for the real nightmare before Christmas fan. The Costume includes a Jumpsuit with leg and arms openings and to top it all of a vinyl mask with eye hole openings.

I can see this being very popular with something maybe special happening for the 25th anniversary soon to arrive.

Don’t forget there are other characters also available from the Nightmare before Christmas movie including Jack Skeleton who also had a new deluxe release in 2017. Click Here

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Kick Ass

From the Movie Kick ass, we have the Kick-Ass Costume Dave Lizewski’s alter ego costume is a Jumpsuit with headpiece also includes Batons & Gloves. This costume has had a few helpful reviews and is apparently good quality for wear once costume. The current price on the market is £26.99 and is available in the UK to order. As with Kick-Ass, this costume does not include any superhero powers, so we don’t suggest you become a vigilante just yet. But this is great for a Movie themed party or something a little bit different for a superhero part beats going as Superman!

I have a feeling this costume is going to continue being popular as Kick-Ass 3 is due for release in the next couple of years.

To Order The Kick-Ass Fancy Dress Costume Click Here

Don’t forget if you’re going to be going as Kick-Ass you can also go as a couple with Hit-Girl too Click Here.

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