The Modern Day Wedding DJ Part 1


I’m sure most of you will have attended at least one wedding in your lifetime, and many of you would have attended several. Cast your mind back to those wedding days, what do you remember? Definitely how beautiful the bride looked, maybe how stunning the venue looked, and perhaps what the weather was like, but what did you feel? Did you laugh? Did you have fun? Did you feel engaged in the day? Did you feel entertained?  There are many special moments that happen on a wedding day, and when your Wedding Host works with the bride & groom in the planning stages and with a little staging, all of them can be made even better.

Ok, every wedding is and should be different and a reflection of the bride & grooms personalities and be just as they want it – it’s your day! But how many couples know about the possibilities available to them from a more modern approach from a specialist Wedding DJ/ Host?  Of course, you deserve a killer party to bring your big day to a climax, but It’s not just about the music!

So how can a specialist Wedding Host/DJ play a part in your wedding day from ceremony to the last dance?

The Ceremony

Figures show that civil weddings account for 64% of weddings in the UK, with church weddings making the numbers up with 36%, and with ever-increasing places to hold a civil wedding it’s no surprise that they are now the choice of most couples when ‘tying the knot’. If a civil wedding is your thing, outdoor or indoor, this is your first opportunity to set the tone for the whole day.

Picture your guests taking their seats for the ceremony to a soundtrack of your choice, which puts everyone at ease, including the groom! The music could be fun, happy, romantic, or themed in some way – but totally you! A ‘trigger track’ tells your groom you are about to walk down the aisle to join him. It may be a short walk, and so this chosen ‘processional’ piece of music can be edited by your DJ to the meaningful part of the song and raising the volume for impact. After the ceremony just two or three more chosen songs while you sign the register and pose for some pictures. Following this, it’s the ‘recessional’ where you both walk back up the aisle as husband & wife, obviously to a song of your choice that has been edited to ‘the good bit’ for impact and rapturous cheers & hollering from your nearest & dearest.

Although your DJ won’t be able to say anything until your walk back up the aisle, his use of specially edited music and volume can add a fresh dynamic to a ceremony that all too often is the venues standard routine used for all their weddings, although there some are exceptions to this rule. For the best results, this would be presented through a discrete professional sound system with back-up and overseen by your DJ. So much better than a portable CD ‘boom box’ or similar operated by a venue staff member or one of your guests who may be unfamiliar with the equipment, there is only one chance to get this right.

Whether you have opted for a church or civil wedding usually the next thing to happen is photographs taken at the church or on the venue grounds. Make sure you factor in enough time, particularly if you’re having lots of group shots, people have a habit of going missing when you need them.

The Drinks Reception & Wedding Breakfast

From here it’s on to the venue for your drinks reception where you will possibly arrive after most of the guests, having stopped behind with your photographer for some romantic shots of just the two of you. As the champagne starts to flow, what music do you envisage hearing as this relaxed moment of the day passes? Again this is your chance to put a personal stamp on things, the choices are endless, but if you need help, your DJ should be able to make suggestions.

One of the most defining items on your timeline will be when you are all set to be seated for the Wedding Breakfast. Depending what you are eating, things tend to revolve around this as your catering team aim for serving time.

Wedding Host

This is where your specialist Wedding DJ can add real value to your day by using his Master of Ceremony skills as your Host. A crucial part of the Wedding Host role is overseeing the smooth flowing of the day, making sure when essential moments are happening, everyone is present, and liasing with your venue and catering staff in case of any last minute hitches.

When it comes to making the important announcements throughout the afternoon, your Wedding Host will make it a little more personal than just “ladies & gentlemen, the bride & groom” that you will typically get from most venue announcers. This will help to create a more engaging atmosphere. Many couples I have had the pleasure of working with telling me one of the most fun parts of the day was their personalised introduction into the room full of excited friends & family to a chosen piece of music, where they got an amazing standing ovation. This sets the tone for the next part of your day with the energy in the room now well & truly risen.

Fun, Fun, Fun

I and others have many interactive tricks up our sleeves to keep everyone entertained between courses while you eat, mini quizzes, advice cards or your own personalised ‘shoe game’, depending on your personalities and how much fun you want to have but nothing is forced if it’s not your style.

After the wedding breakfast comes, the time everyone’s been waiting for – apart from the groom who is getting slightly nervous, yes, of course, it can only be the toast’s & speeches’. These are one of my favourite moments of the day as it can be a roller coaster of emotion from lumps in your throat to laughter, and everything in-between. Introduced by your Wedding Host, you will have the use of a wireless microphone so that no one will miss a word of your carefully crafted speeches’.

If you were to split the wedding day into two halves (like I have with this article) the end of the speeches generally speaking brings to a close the first half of the day. Dependent on your venue and time-line your DJ/Host will now offer some direction to your guests if the room needs to be vacated for ‘the room turnaround’ ready for the evening, oh yes – bring on the party!

Part 2 takes a look at the evening reception party that will bring a fantastic wedding day to what can be an emotional close.

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