The Avengers Infinity War Costume Fails 2018


This week we have the latest release of the Marvel Avengers franchise, so I thought why not have a quick look through the internet and find some of the worst Avengers costumes the planet can throw at us. Well, what can I say I thought it would be bad but I didn’t quite realise just how bad it would be. I have narrowed it down to five of the worst looking at the characters individual I know there are more than five characters, but these are the best of the worst. If you find worse then this, please email me your results to I would like to add I understand these people have tried to be creative, but sometimes it would be easier just to visit a costume shop to buy a costume to stop the embarrassment of what you have created. We have lots of Marvel Avengers costumes available on our price comparison store too. Please visit I understand people have a budget to work to when they want to be their favourite superhero, but you sometimes have to be honest with yourself.

The Avengers Infinity War Costume Fails 2018


The Hulk is one of the biggest superheroes in the Avengers full of fight and gets very angry, and I am not surprised he is angry when he looks at costumes of himself looking like this. I am it quite sure what to say about this one, but it has made it to number one for Avengers worst.  am not even sure if this guy has been watching the same movies or looking at the same comic books.

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As I said above budget is everything when it comes to making your costume, and sometimes it is cheaper to buy a costume from a shop or online. However, this guy decided his budget was so small he would raid his stationery cupboard to make his Avengers costume. But to finish everything off a quick visit to the Party shop for a parcel bow. That’s some budget!

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Captain America

If you leave it too late sometimes, you will find it hard to get a costume the right size so please always plan to make sure you get the correct size for what you require. Otherwise, you might end up with the same problem this guy had where you have to make a few adjustments to get the costume to fit as well as possible. But it did look like he had a good party and his sleeping it off now on the train.

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As with Iron Man you need to think about that budget. This guy decided his budget was a little bit more than iron man costume. Unfortunately, I would hate to think the mess it is going to leave and the pain when this guy has to finally remove his costume made of strips of coloured duct tape. Ouch! At least he’s wearing shorts.

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Where do you begin when putting yourself together a Thor costume. I am sure this is the same question this guy asked himself. So off he went the local corner shop and bought a bin bag, a can of beans some cling film, some Blank CD’s sellotape and asked for a yellow carrier bag to take it home in. Once home I am guessing he worked hard to create his costume!

If you are looking at going to a fancy dress party, apparently there are so many choices when it comes to outfits. You can order a more popular deluxe costume, but there are much cheaper standard costumes too. These will save you the embarrassment and pain of finding everything to make them.

I have listed a few Avengers costumes below, but we have plenty more available in our price comparison store.

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