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This blog is going to be a bit of an ongoing blog as this is something entirely new to me in a way it will more than likely be new to you too. I have worked providing entertainment to the wedding industry for many years but as with most people there comes a stage in your life when you are looking to get married. My fiancee and I are currently at the point of deciding what to do and where to start so we decided what best then to start by going to a wedding fair. As most weekends I am busy working providing party entertainment for everyone else I have had to book a weekend off free to accomplish this.

We have spent hourĀ upon hours looking online and venues and mainly struggle to find where to start. So I am hoping in the future Party SOS will help people with this issue in the future as we do look to expand our wedding venues listings and learn ourselves how hard it can be to track down information on different venues.

The Wedding Fair

I will be honest I have never attended a wedding fair in my 22-year career which I find quite lucky in some respects, and I do see many people participating these week in week out. Upon arriving at the fair, we were greeted by some friendly people who gave us a bag full of leaflets and asked us if we had anything already arranged for our wedding which in all honesty no we don’t. We are given a bundle of Brochures at each stand. Unfortunately, none of them asked us if we had anything in mind for what we were looking for. We attended the wedding fair towards the end of the day but we noticed most of those who were showcasing their business were already packing away. This alarmed me as I said to my partner if they’re packing away early to get away from an event they have paid to have a stand at what are they going to be like if they were at our wedding? So make a note visit the wedding shows at the end of the day, and you will be able to make a mental note of who is in a rush to get home and watch tv or if it is someone who loves doing what the do.

That evening we sat down and opened our bag of goodies (Brochures) and took a look at the marvels available. Personally, there were somethings I saw which I couldn’t understand why it is required for a wedding, but maybe that is the make inside me thinking how much is that? There is so much to take in when putting together a wedding I can see why people do go down the route of having someone organise everything for them. However looking at it from the point of view of someone who has put together parties for well over 20 years there is an approach which is breaking it down into stages. I will be personally following these stages to put together my wedding, and I will let you all know how everything goes.

Stage One The Church and Venue:

I honestly believe this is going to be the hardest part of organising. As with standard parties, it is the entertainment and then the venue, but when it comes to a wedding, it is the Church and Then finding that perfect venue. I truly believe the church is more important than the venue. Once we have the perfect church, it is time to write down all those names of the people you want to attend, so we reached a list of 300 names.

That’s a lot of people then you have to take out that red pen and decide who is coming to the service, wedding breakfast and who is coming to the evening? We are now down to Approx 100 people, this is great so now we need to find a venue which allows 100 people for the day and 300 for the evening. This seems like an easy task, but now we find out we are allowed up to 80 in the day people and 200 in the evening.

More red lines being drawn on who can and can’t come or can we choose another venue? Most venues do appear to have a similar number of people for the daytime we found. You have to be honest with yourself in your heart you will want everyone to come and watch you get married, but you have to look at it this way the person you are inviting would to take them out for a 3-course meal with their family and pay the bill? In essence, this is precisely what you are doing at your wedding.

Ok so this is as far as we have got so now we are still hunting around for the church and venue once we have this booked I will go through the booking process and how easy/hard it was to organise.

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James is the chief editor for Party SOS Online Magazine and Vlog. He has over 23 years experience in the Party and Fancy Dress industry having run Children's Parties and Adult events around the world. He also used to run his Family Business Jesters Fancy Dress which was located in Lincoln. James now spends his time on the Isle of Wight and Lincolnshire offering Children's Entertainment and working on Party SOS.

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