Putting Together a Child’s Birthday Party Part 1


When putting together a child’s Birthday party, it can be a total minefield, and the big question is where exactly do you begin? Obviously, there are different age groups and with these different age groups come different needs. I am going to list a few of these age groups below and give you a few ideas of what you need to keep children entertained.

Decisions Decisions…

There are many decisions you need to make when putting together your child’s birthday party the main one being what type of entertainment you require and where are you going to have the birthday party. There is a correct order to book a child’s party you find the show you want first then decide on a venue. I will repeat that again. Book the Entertainment first and then the venue. There plenty more places available then there are entertainers. You might already have an entertainer in mind. If not there are lots available here.

Entertainment for the Party.

As above I said there are many different age groups and this can be important when looking at booking your entertainment here are a few ideas and age ranges which from my experience works well. Some entertainer may or may not provide for these age groups you will need to check when booking.

Ages 1 – 4

This age group can be a tricky age group as the attention span can be very low and also they can be terrified of a stranger turning up to their house or too strange surroundings.  This doesn’t mean you cannot book entertainment for this age group as there is currently so much available.

I would suggest the following for these age groups.

Young Children’s Magician – Make sure they cover this age group as some magicians can be big and loud and scare little ones.
Soft Play – This is ideal for this age group as they will be able to use their imagination and play for hours with lots of big weird shapes.
Teddy Parties – These parties are very similar to build a bear. This party will include making bears the children will get to take home with them and also some teddy games too.
Princess Party – A lot of princess parties are ideal for this age group as they will include singing and small games.

For this age group, I would not recommend Mascot hire as these can be very scary for younger children when a minion comes running at them.

Time Frame: I would say 2 hours is more than enough when you include food and giving out party bags.

Ages 4 – 7

For this age group, you can get away with any type of entertainment you like as they will enjoy anything you throw at them as long as it’s not dull!

Entertainment includes Magician, Clown, Bouncy Castle, Face Painter, Princess Party, Nerf Parties, Gaming Parties. Etc Etc.

When booking a party for this age group make sure you don’t have too much going on at the same time as you can overdo it too. If your wanting a bouncy castle and a magician make sure you haven’t got the castle inflated while the magician is performing as this can be distracting for the children and also the magician trying to do his show.

Party Packages – When it comes to party packages make sure you check out what is available. You might be able to get a magician who also includes a disco, or you might have a disco which provides a bouncy castle. These are very good at saving you a lot of money when trying to put together your child’s party. Most will run the party for you taking away all the stress.

Time Frame: I would class this as a full 2-hour party nothing more is required.

Ages 8 – 12

This is one of the toughest age groups to impress, but there are still a lot of things out there for this age group. I would suggest the following entertainment for these ages.

Disco – The Easy and obvious choice for this age group with lots of interaction to get them all joining in.
Gaming Parties – With this type of party they will love it if you pick the right company to provide gaming at your party there are many now supplying full VR parties too.
Mobile Cinema – As it says on the tin the people win turn up with a huge screen and projector with a film of your choice most will also supply candyfloss and popcorn all included in the price.
Laser Tag – This is excellent fun for all children. Some companies will supply full arenas and others will set a room up with obstacles and smoke.

Time Frame: For this age group you may be able to get away with a 3-hour party at a push all depending on what entertainment you have booked.

Now you have your Entertainment chosen it will be time to book the venue join us in Part 2 for venue ideas.

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