Organising a Children’s Christmas Party Part1


Organising a Christmas party for adults can be hard but arranging one for children can be harder. In this article you will find all the hints and tips from a seasoned performer having supplied hundreds of children’s parties over 20 years I will tell you a few horror stories and all the successes to make your Christmas party run without any issues.

To start with designing your Christmas party you need to decide what age are the children you are inviting and what would you like to make your party entertaining but the most important thing is how big your budget is?

Below is a list of all the things needed and cost money when organising a party at a venue.


You will need to pick a place suitable for your party don’t forget about parking and the venue limits to how many people are allowed in the venue. You have to take into account parents staying with the children too. Once you have your venue, make sure it is a ground floor venue. If it’s not ground floor make sure it has a lift available which will allow for disabled access and your entertainer being able to load equipment into the venue. If you’re having a Disco find out if the venue allows smoke or haze as these effects will add to the event and give it atmosphere.

Please make sure you don’t book a venue on the 10th floor somewhere with no lift or parking. If you’re booking a favourite performer for your event, they are going to be busy at Christmas and not want to be taking equipment up lots of stairs or shifting equipment 5 miles down the road. Your event might be the 2nd they have done that day they are human they do get tired, and you do want the best party out of them.


The entertainment is the essential part of your party this will make or break the party. Always pick your entertainer before your venue. You need to decide which route you are going to take, but this is down to the age range of the children at your party.

Age Ranges 3 – 9 I would say with this age range you would be looking for a performer suitable for boys and girls. A visit from a princess will not be sufficient for boys. You will need to make sure the entertainment comes in the form of a magician, clown or a disco which includes plenty of interaction with the children preferably with prizes included.

Plenty of Entertainers can be found on our entertainer’s database here.

Age Ranges 9+ I would suggest a disco for this age group with plenty of interaction with the children with lot’s of games and competition’s to keep all the children interested and not allow them to get bored. Another option may be a workshop which would give the children and hands-on experience and teach them something fun. Including a magic workshop or science workshop.

Workshops and Disco can be found here.

Once have worked out your entertainment you will need to decide how long you want your entertainment to run. Most entertainments companies will have a package in place which will be well rehearsed and will take all the stress off you which will leave you just to locate the food the venue and you might have to organise father Christmas and presents.

Father Christmas

This jolly guy can be a handful sometimes I have had many a time when Santa has caused a few awkward moments. One story goes back many years ago when I

turned up to a venue ready to start my show with this event they did have a DJ a Magic show and Santa every person from a different company with no organising this is where things will go wrong!

When arrived I was told Magic Show would start at this time, I was ready to go at that time as apparently was Santa I walked out onstage started the warm-up of my show for the DJ to suddenly get on the microphone and say hey kids Santa’s here! No matter what you do now nothing will bring those kids back you now have a magician stood there with no children to entertain as all the children disappear with Santa into another room!

Magician (me) stood thinking now what do I do?

This does not make your party flow well.

If you use separate companies, make sure everything is discussed, and running order is set in place.

Some companies will include Father Christmas for a little extra this will save you on money or be having to hire a suit and then trying to find someone. Always ask your entertainer if this option is available.

As for presents the easiest option is a selection box for each child usually unwrapped but if you have a team of people (elves) who love to wrap go for it!

Some parties have the parents buy a toy for Santa to give away. This does help when organising a huge party but always make sure the parents remember to give you the present. Make sure they stick tape SUPER GLUE the name to the present, so you don’t end up with a present with no owner and one crying child who thinks they’re going to end up with an orange on Christmas Day!

Part 2 Coming soon with more information on Entertainment ideas, Decorating you Venue and The Food & Length of Your Party.

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