Organising a Teen Boys Birthday Party


Some of the hardest parties to organise are those for teenagers. Personally, I would say girls parties are more straightforward to arrange then boys. They can be so hard to please, but hopefully, with this blog, we will be covering some of the better ideas to keep them all happy and out of trouble. Unfortunately, the teenager parties are not always the cheapest party to provide. They will want the earth for there party as they will want it to be better than all their friends. However, you do need to be realistic with them and either decide on going to a venue with a select number of friends or putting together a party with entertainment. The Big question is what entertainment is there for a teenager? The answer is simple there are so many choices some you might not have thought of. I have listed below some of the Entertainment I suggest for a Trains Party with an explanation why.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is great fun for teens running around in an arena with laser guns trying to get the best score. At the age of a teenager, they are always competitive, and this will be fantastic for them. You have a couple of options with laser tag you can find an arena to hold the party, or you can hire an inflatable arena together with Laser Tag guns.

Paint Balling

For the older Teens similar to Laser tag you have the choice of paintballing. Quite a bit more painful than laser tag but as I said this is for the older teens to enjoy.

Disco Party

You can never go far wrong with a Disco party if you have a big circle of friends your teen wants to invite. For this, you could hire a DJ but make sure they are age-appropriate and have the right music selection your teens want. Some teens will also enjoy karaoke. Check with your DJ to see if this is an option. Also, keep an eye out for a VJ this is where the DJ not only mixes the music but mixes video too.

Gaming Party

There are lots of different types of gaming parties out there some big and some small. Some even turn up in a gaming truck which has been kitted out with some fantastic neons and gaming memorabilia. If your teen loves computer games, this is a must for them and their friends. The Gaming parties are run in different ways, but usually, at the end of the party, there is typically a gaming champion.

Go Karting

What more is there to say about Go Karting parties other then they are lot’s of fun and very competitive. This would be run at a local Go Karting Track. Make sure you book early and see what deals you can get for group bookings.

Urban Sports

Urban sports are a lot of fun for teens. This can include BMXers, Skateboarders, Ball Tricksters and Breakdancers. This is fun to watch, and you can also book workshops so the teens can learn how to do a few stunts to amaze their friends. A lot of fun to watch and join in with but also great for team building.

Beat Boxer

A beatboxer is an excellent addition to any teen party which always works well when booking a Disco as a little bit of an extra surprise. Some Beatboxers will also run workshops with the teens so they can have a go at being their own beatboxer.

Food for Thought

A Teen party is easy for food, stick to Pizza and Cake you can’t go far wrong. If they’re not a pizza type person, think of a BBQ with Popcorn. That will always go down well.

I hope the above ideas for entertainment has given you a head start on what to start looking for when putting together your next Teen Birthday Party. Don’t forget to book the right sized venue for the number of people coming. Also, some teens can be a handful, and you have to make sure you can keep them under control and make sure the party kept safe.

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