Organising a Children’s Easter Party


It’s almost Easter (This weekend) So make sure you have got everything planned for your Easter party I have made a quick article on what you should do and what you should be careful of when organising a children’s Easter party. I have done lot’s of these parties over the years and this year will be no different. Make sure you don’t fall into any of the traps other people have in the past.


The Entertainment for a Children’s Easter Party is always very important, but you can stick to either the basics of having a Magician which is great as he may have lot’s of magic based around rabbits or even a real rabbit if you’re lucky. You could choose a DJ to run the whole event for you with lots of easter games including an easter egg hunt, or you could have a magician/entertainer to run the entire party for you. If you’re looking at booking just a magician and doing the rest yourself, I do have a few ideas below for games. Don’t forget to also think about a visit from the Easter Bunny you can hire a costume from most costume rental shops or we do have some for sale on our Party Supplies Price comparison. It might work out cheaper to buy one if you run your events annually. A great addition to have running throughout the whole event is a Facepainter which always goes down well with all the children as they can be a rabbit, a chick or even an easter egg! If you haven’t yet booked your entertainment for your Easter party you are leaving it extremely late but you might be very lucky and get a booking from a professional entertainer who has had a last minute cancellation.

Easter Eggs & Prizes

With an Easter party, the big thing is chocolate eggs but you will have to make sure that you are supplying the right eggs to the right children as there are many things to think about the biggest these days is allergies. A lot of children today have allergies to Chocolate and Milk so giving out the Chocolate Easter eggs for every child won’t work as you will end up with a few upset children. So, in essence, it is a good idea to have a few smaller gifts available as a backup these can still to do with easter a little white bunny or something small they might be allowed sweets, but you will need t check with parents for any allergies.

Food & Venue Decoration

When looking at decorating your venue for Easter, there are so many things available these days. However, most people will stick to the basics of just table decor of white plates and napkins with Easter eggs on. Most of these are available online on our price comparison page, or you can find somewhere local to purchase these items. As for food for an Easter party, you cannot go far wrong with the buffet style spread for the children.


When it comes to how long you should run an Easter party, I would always advise with any children’s party keep to the 2-hour rule. You don’t need any longer once you have had entertainment and you have had the food and a few games you fit enough into that time to make sure no one has time to get bored, and they all have a good time. Of course, you can do a short 1-hour party, but some people may feel that 1 hour is a little too short it all depends on your venue.


When it comes to running your 2-hour party, you will need to have a few games on hand to keep the children entertained. Some people will decide to book an entertainer to run the whole party for them which is a lot easier as they are professional when it comes to this. However, you may decide you want to run the games etc. I would always advise you cannot go far wrong with the well-known games of Musical Statues, Musical Bumos and the long Drawn out game of pass the parcel. There is one thing you should not forget to do though, and that is an Easter Egg Hunt depending on the size of your venue and how you wish to do it this could last from 5 mins to 15 mins easily. There are many different ways to do the game the best way is to do clues they have to follow, and at the end, if they follow the clues, they will find the eggs. The other method is to set questions with answers around the building. If they get all the answers correct they will win the egg!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking at running the games yourself, please make sure you have a decent sound system and some good music as there is nothing worse then try to run party games on your phone. I hope you have a great Easter party and a lovely Easter!

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