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Face PaintingI have been a face and body painter for 15 years so had the experience of painting for many different occasions. I have won national awards for my art and met so many incredible artists from all over the world as well as in the UK and locally who I often network with and share fun events and experiences with. I love my creative job wherever it takes me and every event is a new experience which I learn so much from. I provide my art for private appointments, family parties, garden parties, University events, cross-channel ferries, boat launches, weddings, Halloween, community events and also many store launches and promotions. It’s a varied world where art is only limited by your imagination.

There are simple steps you can take to make sure your party will have people talking about it for all the right reasons. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way:


First plan ahead! Many of the best artists are booked months ahead to secure the date, and usually very busy, so get in first as soon as you have your date. They usually require at least a deposit to secure the date so be prompt so you can be sure you have everyone booked in.

How Many Attending?

Make sure you allow enough time for your artist to paint the number of guests you are expecting including the birthday child and siblings. Face painting is suitable for children of 3 years and older… no upper age limit! Speeds vary, but generally, an experienced artist can paint 10-12 an hour, cheek art can take a lot longer as its basically a design in miniature so tinier detail which has to be accurate. e.g. a butterfly should take around 3/4 mins, that is just painting time, so you have to take into account introducing ourselves, climbing in the chair, choosing a design and that special “mirror moment” and climbing out of the chair.

Experience is Key!

Secure yourself an experienced artist! Where I have no problem with basic painters,  but some can lack experience and not used to using children’s imagination as their guide and be quite overwhelmed with the number of people to paint in a given time if they haven’t had the practice. Make sure they are also insured for Public Liability…whatever the event.

Hygiene & Safety

Make sure their kit is clean! Any artist worth their salt will have a clean kit containing professional use branded EC and FDA approved water-based face paints. Using a dirty kit is the quickest way to cross contaminate and spread bacterial and fungal infections. The artist should at the very least use fresh sponges per child and change water regularly (I change between each child). Paint can easily be removed with the child’s usual soap and water, don’t use wet wipes as they can contain harmful ingredients which could react with your child’s skin. Please inform the artist if your child has an allergy and the artist can offer a patch test if needed.

Venue Consideration

Provide good clear location address with postcode and include any parking considerations which may help to allow the artist enough time to drop off kit and repark if necessary and still have time to set up. Please provide a nicely lit area… the artist will need enough light so they can see their paint and the client they are painting. Please also provide cover as some paints do not like direct sunlight and certainly not rain, there have been times when a person has booked me for a party and expected me to paint in the dark… but hey ho, its all a learning curve and we all aim to be resourceful, so the party was a great success once we had managed to sort an area for me.

Please enjoy your party!!!

Body PaintingYou may be the host, but it’s your day too. Many entertainers will explain their needs and requirements before your event, and come fully equipped, so all you have to do is greet your guests and let us get on with providing the fun. Many of us have other contacts who we seamlessly dovetail our services with so do ask us for recommendations. I paint adults all the time, so if I still have time, I  will “volunteer” a willing guest. Who sets the rules for when you grow up? Face painting is fun for all, and that’s what it should be.

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I have been face and body painting for 15 years and won awards and demonstrated my art nationally and internationally. I pride myself on the quality of my art and may services

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