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Weddings North CyprusYou have made the decision to have a destination wedding but now what?? Where do you go, how do you know it is legal? And how do you plan a wedding from thousands of miles away?

Booking Through a Travel Agent

All the main travel agents advertise weddings and make the whole process look and sound easy but once you have made your booking who do you talk to?. Having your own personal wedding planner is a must, someone who is on the ground to answer any questions you may have or to just reassure you that everything is booked, and the registrar is going to turn up on the day.

Where Can I Get Married?

Every country has different rules and regulations, so the first thing to make sure of is that you know exactly what paperwork you need to make sure it is legal. Getting one piece of paperwork wrong can ruin your big day so check check and then check again.

Make sure that wherever you intend to marry has one wedding a day rule, there is nothing worse than what I call a conveyor belt wedding, and this is a big problem with some of the most popular countries. Some of the bigger hotels can have as many as four weddings a day, and the last thing you need as the bride is to bump into another bride. You need to feel special and not just another number, and this is where having your own wedding planner helps.

I have been involved in the wedding industry since 1997 and have been a wedding planner for the past eight years in Cyprus. In that time I have heard some real horror stories, so that is why I chose to offer a truly bespoke service but without the bespoke price.

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Why Get Married Abroad?

There are many reasons why a couple should look at having their big day abroad the main one being cost. I know that a wedding in Cyprus will cost less than half the price of a wedding in the UK and you are guaranteed the sunshine.

People often think that wedding planning is a glamorous job, what they don,t see is all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a couples dream day come true and I know I would go that extra mile to ensure that happens. There is no nicer feeling than seeing happy smiling faces on a wedding day!!!!!



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I have been a wedding planner in North Cyprus for the past 8 years, working mainly with couples from the UK.

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