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Trying to work out what to do with Children for parties when they reach 10+ can be a difficult choice. however, there is also a fun and easy choice too. Having a day out with a few friends can sometimes be better than organising a party with over 30 friends. Today we decided to go and visit the Theme Park and Zoo which is Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey. We did go on a weekday so the park was very quiet for us as all the children were at school. Below I have given a review of rides and eating at the park.

Upon arriving to the park, we were a little concerned about how busy it was, but we didn’t need to panic. Once inside the Park, it became clear that most the people at the park had small people with them and they were mainly there for the zoo and to have picnics.

Dragons Fury

Our first ride if the day was dragons fury we have been on this once before but we got it wrong we sat next to each other, and when you do this the ride really spins you. So this time I remembered and make sure we were sat at a diagonal from each other. The ride is great fun with lots of twists and turns. The waiting time said 10 mins, but we walked straight on the ride with no waiting at all.

The Vampire

Next stop was the vampire I am a big fan if the vampire ride as it was the first design of what was to become nemesis at Alton Towers. Personally, I think the vampire is faster and maybe a little scarier then nemesis in places. The ride is where you sit on a seat with your legs dangling, and the holster comes down from above your head to strap you in. This is very well themed as your walking through the graveyard with lots of comical gravestones. Make sure you read them all as you go along.

Tomb Blaster

Once we had finished at the vampire, we decided to have a quick look to see what the wait time was for the Gruffalo. Unfortunately, at this time it was extremely busy with lots of parents and children so we decided we would return later. We took a quick diversion over to Tomb Blaster. This is excellent fun your in a cart with a gun the aim of the game is to shoot as many spider and mummies as possible to get the highest score and win. The wait time showed 5 Mins there was no wait time at all we made it straight to the front of the ride. We did this ride twice I lost the first time but won the 2nd time :).

The Cobra

The Cobra is the type of ride I have no interest in riding as to me it is like a fairground ride which I am not a fan of and I always think the spinning will make you sick. However today I decided was the day to take a chance on the ride as my partner has been on it many times. The wait time was again 5 mins, but we were straight on the ride again which was great because I had no thinking time that this was going to be a bad idea. When on the ride I had to admit it was a lot of fun it also gave me a chance to see behind the worker’s walls to see how they were getting on with tiger falls which should be opening very soon!

Monkey Swinger

Like the Cobra I a not a fan of fairground rides so when my partner asked me to go on this I really didn’t want to do it. A lot of people were coming off wet too but seeing as it was 25 degrees outside it wasn’t a problem. The ride itself was great fun however when I got if The ride I did feel very dizzy like I had spent 10 mins in a tumble dryer! No wait time for this ride either this was proving a great day for wait times!

The Gruffalo

New for 2017 the Gruffalo ride took over from Bubble works some people were upset to see bubble works go but things have to change as time goes on and bubble works was looking very dated. The Gruffalo ride has to be one of the best dark rides currently in the UK. A lot of work has gone into this ride, and it uses A lot of modern technology which we have yet to see at some of the other UK theme parks. Hopefully, this is a game changer for the other parks. The ride is very enjoyable, and they have kept the fountains towards the end which gives some people a reminder of bubble works. The wait time stated 20mins, but I had a quick peek inside, and my suspicions were correct there was no wait again we were straight on.

Lunch Time

After the Gruffalo, we were feeling peckish, so we decided to go and grab some food. First if all we thought we would check out the smokehouse. Outside there were no prices, so we went inside we took one look at what was to offer and the costs and decided it was far overpriced even for a theme park. Instead, we headed over the all you can eat pizza, pasta and salad. We have been many times to this restaurant, but unfortunately this time we felt it was a bit of a letdown. The salad bar was empty. The pasta was really watery, and the pizza choice had gone downhill too. Don’t get me wrong for £11.00 (20% discount with Merlin annual pass) It is a good deal but when what you are being offered isn’t available it is terrible. We had a couple of plates and a couple of drinks and headed back to the park.

Hocus Pocus Hall

Another classic for Chessington world of adventure. Unfortunately, they have taken the 3D away. It is a great shame as the 3D really added to this attraction. Personally, I think this is the next attraction to either close or get a rebrand. As you enter, you are met by a wizard on the screen which explains to you all about hocus-pocus hall. Then all of a sudden some gremlins go crazy and take over the hall. I will look forward to finding out what the future holds for this attraction it would make a great haunted house or funhouse attraction.

The Sealife Centre

The Sealife Centre in Chessington us a much scaled down version of the other Sealife centres around the country. Saying that it still has a lot to see. I have always felt the Sealife centres in the theme parks are a bit of a taster for the bigger versions. You are able to see lots of different fish. Also included is touch a starfish, walk through the shark tunnel. A lot of the sharks are smaller than at the bigger sea life centres. It’s small but still A lot of fun!

Scorpion Express

Unfortunately, the scorpion express was closed today which is a shame as I do enjoy a good runaway train ride. However, it does give me another ride to look forward to going on later in the year.

The Zoo

The Zoo does play a big part in Chessington, and I have to admit if the rides were busy I would have no problem so don’t my day going around and looking at the animals. There are too many animals to list here but you will not be disappointed you can also see lots of animals close up if you go on the Zufari you will find more information on that below.

The Rattlesnake

The rattlesnake rollercoaster is probably one of the more painful coasters you can ride. Do Not go on this coaster if you have back and back problems as you will probably come off in agony. When it takes the corners so quick I always think it is going to come off its wheels. Apart from that, it is a very well themed coaster. Great for Kids and Adults.


This was our final ride of the day and always an enjoyable one. It showed a wait time of 35 mins, but we took our chance and got on the ride straight away. You get on the back of a truck, and the truck takes you around a safari park you get really up close to Giraffes, Zebras and Rhinos. There is giraffe feed yours also available, but Zufari is included with your park ticket. They did use to have an interactive part with a meerkat. However, I think they only run this now when it is busy. As you go along, you will have a tour guide talking to you who will tell you what animals you see and what is going on. At the end of the ride, you will enter the cave where waves come crashing at the truck it can be little scary for small children, but it is also a lot of fun too.

Overall we had a fantastic time at Chessington today we didn’t manage to watch any of the shows, but as it was so quiet for the rides, we took the opportunity to concentrate on them. I will be looking forward to tiger rock opening later this year as it looks great. As soon as tiger falls opens, I will be having another visit to the park. If your visiting for the day always check for special offers in cereal boxes or take a look at getting a merlins annual pass. This would be great for a child’s party they do also have offers on the Chessington website when you’re looking at taking a birthday party with you.

I hope this helps I will be visiting lot’s more attractions this year. Next week I will be hopefully visiting Alton Towers so stay tuned for that update. Until then Let’s Make the Magic Happen!

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