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Apologies for the delay in today’s post unfortunately after an update we had a few issues with our directory of Entertainers. However, this has no all been repaired so we should now be back on track with some great blogs to make your party a huge success. Today we are going to be looking at how you can decorate your party table on a small budget. It’s not all about the lovely shiny things for parties there are plenty of other ways you can decorate your venue on a low budget. Sometimes all you will need is a computer printer some paper and some sticky tape to create some fantastic looking props and scenery. At the end of the day, everything you purchase is going to end up in the same place at the end of the party, and that is usually in the bin!

Making the Table on a Budget

Making the table on a budget is very simple a lot of people think they need everything the match hats, napkins, plates, tablecloth, cups, banners, party blowers and balloons. The truth be told you don’t need any of that stuff if you want to go with a theme on a budget the minimum you need to buy is the Napkins. Yes, the Napkins is the key. First of all Buy some Budget White Plates these will cost you no more than maybe £1.59 for a pack of 20

Napkins Theme

Once you have your Budget white plates, you will need to choose your theme I have given you some links to napkins below. These napkins will sit on the plate to Theme your plate you now have a theme for half the cost! No one cares about what character is on the plate as after a few seconds of getting the plate the plate is going to be covered by food!


Now you have your theme chosen it is time for maybe a tablecloth! Obviously, the cheapest thing to do is have the kids sat on the floor picnic style but this can create a lot more work at the end when cleaning your cheapest option is to choose table paper. Table paper is available in many different colours and is easy just to screw up and throw away at the end of the party. Most tablecloths can cost between £2.50 to £5.00, and you will maybe need three or four of these depending how many children are attending the party. £6.00 will get you a 25 Meter Roll of your colouring choice. Remember your scissors to cut the paper.

You now have your tablecloth, plates and napkins. Once you have used some cheap bowls and larger plates for the buffet, you are almost done. There is no need for Jelly and Ice Cream this can get very messy and also start making things more expensive with cutlery, bowls etc.

Party Cups

Budget Cups for Drinks is also fine as no one looks at cups these can be bought from your local pound shop or the link below. If you wish to have sweets or Ice cream, it might work out cheaper to also use the cups for sweets, but they are also ideal to hold ice cream too.

You now have your table all set at a budget. The other cheap option is having the lunch boxes all ready for the children and having a picnic but as I previously mentioned this could make a lot of mess, and you need to make sure you put something down on the floor which isn’t going to make the floor slippy.

You now have everything you need for your party table, and with an average party with 25 Children, this should bring you in under £15.00 for your table decoration. This will allow you more money now to spend on other decor or for money to spend on Entertainment as every penny counts.

I have taken a look through Pinterest at Party Ideas on a Budget for ideas of what you can create for the Buffet etc. Some of these ideas are excellent.

I do hope you managed to find some ideas for your party from this blog. I am currently running one day behind with blogs at the moment so I hope one day this week we will have two blogs posted as a catch-up. I am now very busy in the office at the moment preparing everything for summer. This week I will be visiting Chessington World of Adventures and giving a feedback review as to some ideas of what there is to do and what to expect when having a Children’s Day Out Party at the Zoo and theme park.

I hope organising your party is going well and Let’s Make the Magic Happen!


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