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Hello, and welcome to the Party SOS daily blog today I have been performing at Children’s Birthday Parties all over Lincolnshire. Today I came across a new one which was a Halloween Party in May! As unusual as it sounds I have to say it went down very well! When trying to decide on a theme for your Child’s Birthday party. Anything is possible even Halloween in May! I have been looking out for some party ideas for Star Wards this weekend as we have just had the release of The First Jedi. Being the most amazing Star Wars Fan I am I haven’t yet seen the film, so I will be going to make a purchase this week and give you my thoughts on the movie in coming days.

Star Wars Venue Ideas

This best thing you could do is decorate your venue as the millennium falcon but unfortunately, 99.999% of the time that is not going to be possible so I thought I would give you a few ideas I have found online to which I think would make for an excellent looking venue. Obviously, it can’t be a star wars party unless you have lightsabers. Please make sure you keep these stored in a safe place if your star wars part is for small children as we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Stormtrooper Balloons

I attended a party recently where they had life-size Storm Trooper balloons all around the venue these did look amazing, but for the size of the venue, they were a little bit overkill. The kids were all handed soft lightsabers, and they walked into the room and attacked all the Storm Troopers. The kids thought it was amazing!

Scene Setters & Cutouts

I have had a quick hunt through the Internet looking for venues that are using Star Wars themed decorations. Some of these may take a while to prepare, however, please find below a few links to scene setters and cut outs of characters from the Star Wars franchise.

Fancy Dress Costumes

There are so many costumes to choose from for Star Wars you will find a few below. There are three types of Star Wars costumes available the Budget Range, The Deluxe Range and the Professional Range. Below I have listed the popular budget and deluxe costumes.

Star Wars Food Ideas

When planning the food for your child’s party there are so many options available from cooked food to a cold buffet. I have had a flick through some idea over at Pinterest and have got them listed below. I have tried to keep as many items to the Last Jedi as possible in this blog but have to say I was very surprised as to how many different options there were available. Even if you use a couple of the ideas listed you are sure to have an amazing looking spread especially if you set the scene with a few of your cut outs.

I hope a few of these ideas when planning your child’s next star wars party. With the new release of the future star wars instalment, I will be doing a blog which will go in to further details about Star Wars games etc. This will make your Star Wars party one that no one will ever forget for all the right reasons. Also, don’t forget there are plenty of Star Wars party hosts available out there who can theme your party. This will be a relief to you so you can concentrate on making the venue look amazing and let them run the party for you. Tomorrow we will be looking ad budget parties and what is currently available out there on the market.

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