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Today began like every other day talking to customers on the phone, and one thing came up which comes up a lot at Children’s Parties the mention of balloons now I do love balloons except when they make a loud bang. Balloons at kids parties are great for room decor, and they do add to the party atmosphere. Unfortunately, Balloons are also very dangerous in more ways than one.

Balloons on the Floor

Having balloons scattered over the floor can look amazing, but we have some things we have to be careful with.


One of the major issues these days with balloons is child allergies to latex. Make sure if you do use ballons you have checked none of the children has allergies.

Choking Hazard

Something a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to Balloons is the choking hazard with small children. When a balloon pops and the remainder is on the floor, there is a very high chance a little child will pick up that bright coloured object and place it in their mouth. This can then quickly become a choking hazard.

Slipping Hazard

Balloons can also cause a slipping hazard when a child has jumped on that balloon and left the remainder on a carpet this can cause someone to slip a bit like a banana!

Attention Deterant

When booking an entertainer, you are paying a decent price for an entertainer to come and entertain your children. However, some people will then scatter some balloon around this looks great however this now causes total mayhem as the children arrive they will run into the room jump on them or use them as weapons hitting each other and trying to take control can be a mission. This can also distract when a parent hands a small child a balloon during a show as if it goes bang it might distract from a crucial moment in the show which you have booked.

These are a few of the reasons why balloons should not be scattered around the floor. Most entertainers will request you to remove all balloons before them starting there show so if you want to use them keep them all tied up in a bin bag.

There are plenty of ways to use balloons at parties which gives them their full potential. The first thing you can do is tie them up and hang them on the walls this is the cheapest method by far. It is also an excellent idea to tie about five balloons together and have them outside your venue tied secure, so everyone knows where the party is.

Helium Balloons

The next thing you can look at is having helium balloons tied to weights if you’re creating these yourself make sure you link a ribbon to a balloon now hold the ribbon and allow the balloon to travel to the roof of the venue. Once it has reached the roof of the venue stretch your arm above your head and grab the ribbon. Pull the ribbon down and cut it where you caught it. This will allow any lost balloons which get united to be pulled back down. This is great as a lot of venues have started charging people for helium balloons which have been stuck in ceilings.

Balloon Displays

Balloon displays are the more practical way to display Balloons at your party. This keeps the balloons off the floor and can set the scene for your party. There are so many different designs you can go for when it comes to the displays. Make sure you have a meeting with your local balloon artist who can work alongside you designing something which will have a massive impact on your party room design.

I hope this gives you a basic insight into Balloons at your next party or special event. It is always best to take advice from professionals in the balloon industry as there is so much you can do with them these days including exploding balloons and light up balloons.

Have fun deciding what balloons you want for your party but keep it safe if you’re having small children at your event as parental supervision is critical to them. Until tomorrow have a great day!

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