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Hello, and welcome to the Party SOS daily blog today I am talking about what happens when the unthinkable happens, and your entertainers or service provider cancels last minute or doesn’t turn up! Also, we will be looking at some of the newest costumes released by Smiffys.

Where is my Entertainer?

This is the last thing you want to say at your party, but Unfortunately, from time to time things can go wrong. 99.9999% of the time this will not affect you, but there is always a chance something could go wrong. Recently I was speaking to a fellow Entertainer let’s call him Bob. Bob, the Entertainer, suddenly got poorly so poorly he was admitted to hospital and put on a morphine drip. At this point as an entertainer or service provider, you know you’re not going to be able to do anything to fulfil your shows for that week or next few weeks. At this point, almost all entertainers will have a Plan B that can put into action at this point they will have a group of go to people who are of the same quality of entertainment who can help out in an emergency. This should be the same fee and also the same times, so nothing will affect the client’s party the only difference will be the entertainer turning up on the day.

When booking your entertainment or services make sure you receive a contract with terms and conditions and make sure that the entertainment or service provider your booking as a Plan B in place. If your entertainer does not provide a contract make sure you speak to them about what would happen if they had an accident or got poorly.

Upon speaking to Bob this week, he did everything by his contract he supplied his Plan B Entertainer who went out and provided a fantastic show and got all great feedback with to the show he provided. Unfortunately, this doesn’t please everyone as he did have a client email him saying if it weren’t for the other entertainer their party would have been ruined. What she forgot was even though Bob was on a morphine drip in the hospital he was also using the last of his energy to organising the Plan B entertainer to contact the client and confirm he was coming instead.

I have had a rough six months this year where my Mum had a stroke in September, and when it came to that I had to travel from Lincolnshire to the Isle of Wight to see my mum but cancelling shows wasn’t an option I managed to get all my shows covered. Even when I got told one evening, my Mum had 4 – 6 months to live the next day I was out performing making people smile at parties. Even two days after my mum passed away I was making people laugh and enjoy their special day it is tough but, as a professional service and entertainment provider, this is what we do.

So always remember your entertainer is only human things can go wrong cars can break down saying that professional entertainers will still make sure they have a reliable vehicle that has a regular service and makes sure it has regular health checks. I write this while I am waiting for my Van to come out from it’s Service and first MOT (fingers crossed everything is ok). But as I say we are all human we can get things wrong and sometimes we can get seriously Ill.

If you are let down for a Party at any point, we are currently growing our emergency Rapid Response Service where we have more service providers adding themselves daily. This is a free service to both you the client and our Service providers. Most other sites who offer this service will either charge you or the service provider to submit a quote to you.

New Costumes

I have had a quick look today at a few of the New Smiffys Costumes. Most these costumes were new releases the end of 2017. They will have a lot of other new releases coming this year too which I will also talk about as soon as they come out or announced.

The big releases this year are the book costumes which is always very popular with the world book days. I think this will be a significant trend amongst all the fancy dress manufacturers in the UK as the world book days are one of the more popular events in the costume calendar like Halloween so always make sure you purchase your book costumes early to avoid disappointment.

Cat in the Hat

Previously the rights for the Dr Seuss Cat in the hat was with Rubies Masquerade. Smiffys appear to have taken over the licence for Seuss. Costumes include Cat in the Hat for Adults. There is a Child Cat in the Hat with Tutu coming soon. The future release of the new Grinch film may see a new release of a Grinch costume I am wondering if Smiffys will have the rights to this too.

David Walliams

The new releases of the David Walliams book together with there movies Smiffys have launched the Costumes to go with them. I am not too clued up on the David Walliams books, but I do realise they are currently trendy. The costumes now include Deluxe Gangsta Granny (RRP: £24.99), Deluxe Ratburger Costume (RRP: £22.99), Deluxe Mr Stink Costumes (RRP: £23.99), Deluxe Grandpas Great Escape Costume (RRP: £19.99), Deluxe Billionaire Boy Costume (RRP: 19.99) and Deluxe Awful Auntie Costume (RRP: 19.99). All these costumes are for children and are great for Costume parties and book days.

I will be taking a look at more of the new costumes from Smiffys tomorrow. I hope today’s blog has helped you out if it is looking at booking an entertainer or looking for costumes for world book day for children. I have got lot’s of new additions coming to the price comparison part of Party SOS. I am also currently running a poll to look into trends of children’s birthday party presents. I will write all about my findings in the next week.

Until tomorrow have a great day, and let’s make the magic happen!

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