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Today started off a very foggy day in Great Yarmouth on the second day of my Great Yarmouth run I am performing a family show in California Cliffs Holiday Park tonight. So in the meantime, I thought I would go and visit a few party shops and fancy dress shops in and around Great Yarmouth. I seemed to encounter one issue which was all the party shops are closed on a Monday and Tuesday! No fear I wasn’t going to let that get in my way, so I headed into town to see what was available on the high street.


As we all know you can sometimes get a real bargain in Poundland but these days it seems to be things are much more than a pound. That said their party range appears to be still keeping the promise of every item a pound even if the rest of the store isn’t. I noticed an array of goods with photos below of what I saw available. They did have some cute name candles in stock, and for £1 you can’t go wrong however stock was extremely limited, and if they haven’t got the name, you’re looking at for maybe £2 you could buy a couple of sets to swap the letters around to make the name. They also had in stock quite a lot of single coloured table decor a lot of these items are even above £1 online, so I would advise getting them while their cheap (pic.1). I also noticed some solar bulbs which would be ideal when decorating for weddings these can be pre-charged and hung from fishing line in gazebos or inside a venue with no power required these would look very nice. Also, I have seen “Poundland” are selling rubies and Smiffys costumes. These are not £1 unfortunately, however, they are still incredibly cheap at just £5 I don’t think you can even buy them wholesale for that price!


Martyn’s Fancy Dress Great Yarmouth

Just along the road from Poundland, I came to the first of the fancy dress shops in Great Yarmouth Established in 1957 This is what looks like a market stall style shop with some other market stalls around it. They have quite a lot of selection and prices have been slashed all around the store. There are a lot of costumes to choose from however there is nowhere to try outfits on, and there is a no returns policy. Unfortunately, this is the case with most fancy dress shops these days. The main problem is the packaging the garments and dispatched in. They are ideal for posting out but not suitable for having people be able to try them on which I do think if also very important as you wouldn’t go to a clothes shop and hope for the best. Costumes are not cheap they are expensive items and a luxury item there should be a way of having easier packaging to let people try these items on before they purchase. The store also has a large selection of wigs and lot’s of jokes and pranks too. A great shop to visit you will be able to see a few photos from inside the shops below.


Tickles Joke Shop

Tickles is a real modern joke and fancy dress shop in Great Yarmouth probably 200yds down the road on the left-hand side from Martyn’s it is a very different styled shop with animatronics outside and inside the store. As you enter the shop, you meet with a zombie throwing up yellow liquid into a fuel can. Once inside you have a huge selection of Fancy Dress, Jokes and a few magic tricks. The costume selection is vast with some fantastic masks and wigs too. I thought I would pick out a favourite costume while inside it had the be the Gustavo Fring from break Bad Costume by Smiffys. It looks excellent from the packet point of view, but I would like to see one in the flesh to give it a proper review! Fancy Sending me one Smiffys for the review show coming soon? Watch this space! There was not a lot of choice in either of the fancy dress shops in party goods, but I am guessing they are keeping to their seaside speciality which works great for the summer season.


Sealife Centre Great Yarmouth

You might be wondering why I am talking about an attraction on a party site but there is a good reason for this, and I was walked through the attraction and later looked online I realised it could be the perfect place to have a Children’s birthday party with a pirate theme! You might think it is expensive, but it would only be as expensive as you want it to be. There is no written rule that a children’s party has to include food, but there is a restaurant attached to the sealife centre which offers children’s meals. There is plenty for children to do and learn here including a stamps games where they are given a booklet at the start of the attractions and as they go around the gain stamps for their book. They also have feeding times for the penguins, rays, sharks and more. These times can change from time to time, so it is always worth calling ahead to make sure you are there at the right time for the right event you wish to see.

Near the Nemo caves in the exhibit, there were promoted to join the sea life pirates school which is a 15-minute activity for children to learn to be pirates. I am not sure this is a permanent feature as the advertising was very basic so once again it is always worth a phone call to make sure this event is still taking place. But this would be excellent to get all the children dressed as pirates and give them a tour of the well-themed aquarium. There is something for everyone at this attraction.


When purchasing your tickets take a look online as you can get some excellent prices. At the time of writing this blog, you could buy your tickets for £10 per person that being for everyone 3+ any children under two it’s free to enter the attraction. There is also a Birthday party ticket priced at £10.50 per child or £12.50 with food per child you will have your VIP guide to take you around the centre. Free party invites and activity packs are available for download and print

Click the Link below for ordering tickets to the closest Sealife centre of your choosing. I did want to put a video together for a visit to sealife today, but it was extremely busy for the time I went. If your looking for a less active time, I have taken note online that the last couple of hours from 2 pm onwards is when it begins to get quiet I was also visiting in the Easter holidays.

Well, that does bring my trip to Great Yarmouth to an end for this run, but I am sure I will be back very soon before I leave tomorrow I am going to have the second attempt at visiting a couple of the local party shops to see what they have available.

I am currently running a poll on my facebook as to regards to Children’s Birthday presents I will reveal my findings in the next couple of days.

Have a great day and let’s make the magic happen!

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