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Apologies for the delay in blogs but we have currently been hectic preparing the site for the new legislation of GDPR. I think we are almost there, but We have also had a week off for my Birthday. While on our week off we decided to go and visit Alton Towers in Stoke on Trent. I have always been a big fan of Alton Towers. We decided to take a quick look at how it could work if you’re looking at having a Teens Party Day Out at Alton Towers. You could take younger Children for a day out at the Towers, but I would strongly suggest Teenagers as you do have height restrictions in place for some of the large rides.

When going to Alton Towers, you would be best going with a group of daring teenagers and maybe not teenagers who have a lot of fears. This could make or break the Birthday Day out. If you are taking a group of teenagers for the day, it would be worth having 2 Adults depending on the age of the Teens. One Adult can be designated bag holder while the other Adult joins the Teens on the ride.
We arrived at Alton Towers at 11 am just an hour after the official opening time of 10 am. It is always worth making sure you arrive at the park at the opening as we had been before we do have our bearings in place and we knew exactly where we would head first. It’s also worth making sure you download the Alton Towers app before you go to the park this will give you all the information you require including wait times and even closures.

We went to the Park on a weekday which is always quieter than the weekends or schools holidays. The first thing you will approach after reaching the car park is the monorail to get you to the park on some days this can be very busy. What we tend to do is do this part on foot. It can make for a bit of a Trek, but there is a very high chance you will beat the monorail, and you will have practically no waiting. Always make sure you book your tickets online before you go for the best deals. This will also allow you to go straight to the turnstiles to go straight in the park.
Once inside the park you need to make the right decision the most popular rides at the moment are Wicker Man which is the new Wooden coaster and Galactica (More about these later). It’s always worth heading towards the back of the park while the crowds go to the favourite rides to have them done first. The first ride we went to was Hex.


HEX is a great ride for all age groups it tells the tail of the Towers with a story of the Cursed Tree where if a branch were to fall a member of the Earls family would mysteriously die. This is a great ride which takes you through many scenes. It can be very dark inside this ride which can be quite scary for small children. Once you reach the third room, you are now seated on the ride. This is not a scary or intense ride it is more of an optical illusion where the room will spin around you. A delightful ride with a great theme.
The only negative for this ride is you can sometimes be stood around waiting for a little while until a group of people are ready to go for the ride. The ride did break down on us too when I went for a second visit this week. Mae sure you ask the operator for fast passes if you know a ride had not operated correctly.


This was the first of our intense rides of the day. This is all themed around some haunted woods which has been designed very well. As you enter the ride, you will hear some counting from one up to thirteen as soon as you hear thirteen something will give you a slight scare. I won’t say what as it will spoil it for you. When on the train it is a lap bar ride once on you will have a dip then you’re taken to the first hill. When you reach the top your pretty high with a first dip and then when you reach the building again, you will be dropped one floor below, and the ride will continue to ride backwards until the end. This is a fun coasted with lots of great theming. It does remind me very much of the Disney Ride Expedition Everest just without the height.


I have always been a fan of Rita it can give you an Adrenaline rush. The ride is themed as a race car very similar to a ride at Thorpe Park called stealth but nowhere near as scary. You will go from 0 – 60 in 2.5 Seconds. You get shot back in to your seat as you fly around the track at high speed. This is great for those who are maybe scared of heights as there are no extreme heights of drops with this ride. It does not go upside down it is quite a smooth, but the G-Force can be very strong. Also, don’t put your credit card in your back pocket. I learnt the hard way, and my Credit card was zapped by the electromagnets, so my card ended up being unreadable.


This was the first time we have ever had the chance to go on the Smiler ride. A lot of people do have a concern with this ride as to what happened a few years ago. New technology has been put in place since and the ride is now probably one of the safest rides in the UK if not the world since the accidents happened. That being said it does play on your mind a little when you’re about to ride. The only way I can explain the smiler ride is that it is very clever and I now know what it is like to have been put in a tumble dryer. You get to the halfway point on the ride, and everything is just spinning before you get to the second part and go through it all again! Personally, I felt the ride was smooth but looked scarier o the outside then it did riding it. Since then I have ridden it a couple of times, and it has become one of my favourite rides.


In some ways, I do think we did this around the wrong way as after you have done Smiler Oblivion looked like a kiddie ride. It is far from it though. As you are balanced over the edge and told not to look down your suddenly dropped. I keep trying to keep my eyes open on this ride, but I am not sure if it pure fear of thinking I am going to hit the floor or the sheer speed of the air making me close my eyes but I haven’t managed to keep them open all the way around yet. I am glad I went back on Oblivion as there was a point when I said I wouldn’t go on it again as the first time I went on it many years ago, it broke down at the very top.


Nemesis is the first Rollercoaster I ever did before I started going on Rollercoasters. To me, it feels very similar to the Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures but a lot smoother. The theming for this right is excellent. If you’re looking at a thrill ride to get anyone started, I would always recommend this ride as this is what I started with. This is an Inverted coaster where your legs are hanging with some loops on the way around. Once again it does seem a lot faster on the outside compared to when you are on the ride it feels a lot slower.


Duel is a fun ride, Alton Towers have taken there ghost train ride and added a game with guns. Ideal for the competitive teens I have seen people ride this one, again and again, to keep trying to get higher scores. It is very similar to the Tomb ride at Chessington World of Adventure. You are sat 5 to a cart and as you go around you have to zap small amber or green lights which will turn red when you zap them, and your points will get higher and higher. Make sure you remember your score at the end so you can compare who got the highest score!

Rollercoaster Restaurant

It got to a time where it was time for some food. There are lots of food huts around the park where you can grab a snack like a hot dog or some doughnuts during the day. If you want something a little more substantial, there are also some restaurants you can eat in. Always remember if you get a Merlins Annual pass you do get a 20% discount on all your food. Having tried out the Pizza and Pasta place many times before we decided it was time to try out the Rollercoaster Restaurant. As you enter the restaurant, you are given a tablet which is your menu, and you’re shown to a table.
What you do is you decided what you want to order say a starter or a drink and a few moments later it is sent down from the kitchen. You will see a small cart with your drink or food strapped to it which will ride around the tracks and arrive at your table. Once it came, you will have a number on it to show who’s item it is and then you will release it from it’s elastic. This is a neat idea, and you can tell Teens and kids do love it there. We thought it was great fun and would say add it to your to-do list. Be aware though prices are not cheap at the restaurant, but you are paying theme park prices.
The other option is you could always take a picnic with you to the park this would keep costs down, and on a beautiful sunny day, there are plenty of places to have your picnic too.


Galactica was previously called Air this is a ride where you get strapped in the harness comes down over your head, your legs are strapped in, and the ride moves you in to what can only be described as a superman flying position. You have the decision to make on this ride would you like to ride it VR or without VR. We decided to opt for VR as we had never done it before. Personally, I wouldn’t ride again in VR as all it felt like was we were on a simulator, not an actual ride. I do feel Galactica is a little bit of a let down with the wait time as it takes so long from people getting on and off due to the VR headsets. This does also mean if your headset doesn’t work for whatever reasons you waited over 40 minutes for that ride. If this does happen, please make sure you speak with a ride operator to get a fast pass to ride again.
Unfortunately, after Galactica, we did run out of time as we wanted to go on the VR version as we have been on the ride before when it was Air. This did mean we then ran out of time to be able to go to Wicker man, however, I returned two weeks later to check out the new ride with some friends.

Wicker Man

This was my second visit to Alton Towers since the ride opened to be able to have I go. I arrived a little bit behind my friends, and they were already in line when I came. However, I did mention I was going to ride before I went home. I waited until 3:45 pm (Park Closed at 4 pm) However if you are in line to ride at Alton Towers they make sure everyone in that line goes on the ride before the close. We finally got on the ride at 4: 20 pm But the question is was it worth the second visit and a wait of over half an hour. I have to say the answer is Yes! It was worth every minute I thoroughly enjoyed this ride, and it has been a long time since the UK has had a new wooden rollercoaster. Please beware if you have large thighs there is a high chance you might not be able to ride as the way the carts are designed they lock your thighs in so there is no way you’re going anywhere.
It is a very fast rollercoaster with some fantastic theming and an excellent story throughout. You will enjoy this, and the chances are if you’re going with a large group you will all share one train. I will be returning this year to ride it again!

Congo River Rapids

I am not a massive fan when it comes to water rides. But the rapids is always a bit of fun, and you’re always going to get a nice posed picture at the very end of the ride. This is great for the Teens and also if you have any small children with you too. However always make sure they are sat down, and it is a very bumpy ride.

2019 Rumours…

I have heard rumours that in 2019 Alton Towers will be receiving a brand new Themed land which will be called Walliams World this will be themed all around the David Walliams Books. This will take over the area where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride used to be and Cuckoo Land will all be rethemed. This will be a great addition to the park as the area has been starting to look a little sorry for itself.
On the way out of the park instead of waiting for a Monorail it is faster to walk back to the car park this will have you a lot of time, and also you will have less of a wait to get out the car park too.
When going Alton Towers to get the best prices and deals make sure you book nice and early. Also, take a look at what products in the shops currently have two for one deals I will list some of these products below.
If you should have any questions regarding Alton Towers drop them below and I will try to answer as many and help out as much as possible. This would be a great Birthday treat for a Teenager and their friends if there not wanting a big birthday party. Also, it will release the inner child in most grown-ups too.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun! If you’re still looking for an idea, I have not covered yet in any of my blogs feel free to drop me a message or an email, and I will get it added to my list of blogs to come.

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