Choosing the Right Venue For Your Party


Deciding on the right venue for your next event or party can be a real daunting task. You will be asking yourself many questions for instance.

How many people am I going to need space for?

How much space in the entertainment going to need?

Is there going to be enough parking?

Am I going to have enough time to set everything up?

And how expensive is it going to be?

These are just a few of the basic questions you will be asking yourself but the truth is there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to a venue. It is all about being realistic. Before you even start about considering a venue you will need to make sure you have answered 2 important questions. Is your entertainment booked and what space do they require and how many people are you inviting?

Once you have both these questions answered you will have a date and an idea of what you are catering for. In the party industry, there is a very famous saying there are plenty of venues but only a few decent entertainers in your area. Personally, I think the venues think the same so getting the best venue and best entertainer can be done but may take some work to match dates etc.

Venue Budget

Your venue budget may also play a major role in where you choose to hold your party as you can spend from £30 for a village hall to over £500 for renting a function room at a hotel. However, at that price, the hotel may throw in a free buffet for a limited number of guests. What you do have to remember is it is just a room where you need space. To make the party happen you need to think about how you can decorate that room and make it look like a real party. I have seen people going a little over the top with this over the years and cover all the rooms in scene setters. Personally, I don’t think this is required and it is a bit overkill and a nightmare usually, they keep falling down all evening. We will talk about decorating your venue in a future post as there are so many possibilities available. Personally, I would always look for a mid-range venue somewhere close to home not too small and not too large as if you go too large you can end up with a big echo room where no one can hear themselves think. Also going for mid-range you are able to save a bit of money and use it on other things like decoration.

Car Parking

This can be a big issue at some venues as some do have on-street parking. On Street parking is fine but what you do have to think about is your entertainment loading and unloading into the venue safely and in enough time to set up. I have turned up at venues in the past where the car park is 2 streets away. This is fine but not fine for me as I have big heavy boxes to unload and wheel into a venue ready for setting up a party. Not only that but you have your feed to unload if you have done it all yourself if not your caterers need somewhere to park too. Finally, don’t forget about your guests’ parking you may end up blocking up a whole street due to all your guests turning in there cars. So I would say any venue worth booking make sure it has a private car park which is attached.

Preview Venue

Some venues will allow you to have a quick preview. This is a must for wedding venues as you have to make sure everything is just perfect for your special day. When it comes to a children’s party it can also be very important there are a few things which could jeopardise your party. here are a few things to check with your venue before booking and to communicate with your entertainment.

  • Does the Venue have disabled access?
  • Is the car park attached or on road parking?
  • Is the car park solid or gravel?
  • Does the Venue have a sound limiter? If so what is it set at for decibels? (this can really help a band, DJ or entertainer)
  • Does the venue have a Smoke Sensor?
  • Is the Venue on the ground floor or does it have a lift? (If so is the lift available on the day for the entertainment to use)

Some of these may sound a little far-fetched but it can make such a difference and make your Entertainments life so much easier if they can plan beforehand to cope with everything when they arrive. There is nothing worse than an entertainer who has used all their energy setting up for your party before they have even started.

Decision Made?

When you have chosen your venue I am sure you have made the right choice. Just remember you don’t need to book the O2 Arena for a birthday party you can get away with a local community centre or village hall. If you have live entertainment the chances are the room will be dark so there won’t be much to see except the entertainer. Just remember to be smart when booking make sure you have parking and make sure you choose what is right for your event.

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James is the chief editor for Party SOS Online Magazine and Vlog. He has over 23 years experience in the Party and Fancy Dress industry having run Children's Parties and Adult events around the world. He also used to run his Family Business Jesters Fancy Dress which was located in Lincoln. James now spends his time on the Isle of Wight and Lincolnshire offering Children's Entertainment and working on Party SOS.

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