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Putting together a Children’s party on a budget can seem like an impossible task, but it is most definitely not impossible. I have had a lot of thought on this recently and realised. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to hire a venue and an entertainer, but there is no reason at all why any child should go without having a party to remember with all their friends. It doesn’t matter about all the beautiful things it is about having friends with you and having a good time. So the big question is where do we begin?

Keeping to Budget

First of all, you need to think about how much your budgeting your party for as most children’s birthday parties can cost from £200 with a venue and entertainer not forgetting the food and party bags too. So you need to work out do you want your party at home with a small crowd or do you want to hire a village hall for approx £50.00. If keeping to a tight budget, I would advise keeping the party at home. You will already have saved you £50 you can go and spend on the food.

Now you have your venue it is time to think about what you are going to feed the children. You can spend hours putting together a buffet which in all honesty will go to waste I would personally advice buying some Lunch Boxes as shown below.

Once you have your party boxes, it is trying to decide what should go inside. There is a massive secret in the children’s party industry which is don’t tell anyone, but Children Don’t Eat at Parties. They will eat a couple of items, but 99% of buffet food ends up in the bin. So what do you need to make this delicious Box?

1 x Cheese Sandwich / Jam Sandwich cut into triangles twice = 4 Sandwichs (Mix and match if you choose

1 x Small Packet of Crisps

1 x Carrot Cut into Slices

1 x Apple Cut into Slices

1 x Chocolate Swiss Roll

1 x Biscuit

This should be enough to give the kids enough energy to burn off for your party don’t forget you can always offer Jelly and Ice cream too but this will mean buying extra bowls and spoons to provide this.

The great thing with these boxes as they have finished with them everything goes back inside and straight in the bin. The boxes and contents for around 20 children should come to a total of approximately £20.00

The Birthday Cake

One thing you have to make sure of is you have a birthday cake. You can send a fortune on an impressive cake, or you can buy a cheap regular cake and make it unique using your imagination it doesn’t take a lot to do, and the reward to both yourself and your pocket will be huge. I am going to say the budget for your cake will be approximate £5.00

Entertainment on a Budget

Now you have saved quite a considerable amount on a venue and your party food and cake you need to have a long think about the entertainment. Do you want to entertain so many kids for so long at the party without them getting bored or do you want to employ someone to come and do the hard work for you? Obviously, this is going to be the most expensive part of your party. But it doesn’t need to be as you will only need someone to come and entertain for 45 minutes. You will need to work out what level of entertainer you require as you can get a cheap entertainer for £75.00 or pay a seasoned professional from £175.00 upwards but as we are looking at the budget, we will go with £75.00. This can be a magician or a princess visit. But I will remind you if you book the cheapest you won’t get the most professional they may well be working out of cardboard boxes and making bad jokes. Of course, you can do all the entertainment yourself with a few games listed below, and it will save you the £75.00.

Decorating the House

To decorate your house and venue should be very simple you can order a few happy birthday balloons and some ribbon and tie them and place them around the house I would say total budget for decoration is about £5.00

Party Bag?

Party bags are a nice bonus but this will creep the price of your party up your much better off buying a jumbo bag of sweets and giving them out as prizes and making sure every child receives an award by the end of the party.


The games part is simple, and it is up to you how long you run this. I would encourage you to do all the popular games musical statues, musical bumps, musical opposites and one of the most well-known games of pass the parcel and add as many layers as you can from old newspapers and packets of sweets the end prize can be a prize from Poundland. Prize Budget £5.00

Have you kept to Budget?

Your budget should have come to approximately £110.00 with an entertainer or just £35.00 without one. The party isn’t about all the flashy stuff everyone wants. That stuff is excellent and does make for a fantastic party, but you can also create a great party from nothing too. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to be working on a few games you can make for your parties at home also. Just like what my mum did for me before we got into entertaining at parties.

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