Article Submission

We are always looking for professionals who wish to submit articles to Party SOS. To submit an article is simple if you register yourself an account then email with your username and what industry you wish to cover. We will then activate your account as an Author where you will be able to submit your article online.

Your Article will need to be a minimum of 300 words in English, and any self-promotion should be kept in your Author Profile which will display at the bottom of your articles. Please submit pictures alongside your article, but these will need to be copyright free.

Your article will be placed through our SEO and Grammer checker to make sure it is all up to Party SOS standard. Your Article should include headings and sub-headings.

We may also adjust your article, so it matches in with the Party SOS brand.

Not all articles will be published if they are copied or do not meet the PartySOS standards. However, if we feel an article does not meet the criteria, you will be alerted and given a chance to make changes.

Ideas for articles: What would you like it to be about? What advice would you give to someone about to plan there wedding or party? What is it you specialise in to make someone’s wedding or party perfect? Why should someone choose what you do to make there party or wedding perfect? What experiences have you had? What not to do with your experience. What can go wrong if someone does not use your services but it’s an easy fix by booking someone who does what you specialise?

If you should have any problems uploading your article, please contact us direct at